Chat bot for business

Chatbot based on Chifiti chat for business

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Want to optimize their business with the help of artificial intelligence? Chat bot based on GPT chat is your solution.

With the help of our chat bot you can easily generate an automatic response on your website based on the content you have on your website only.

How It Works?

Very simply, our chat bot is based on GPT chat, immediately after payment we will take all the content on your website and connect to our chat bot and in fact every question the chat receives it will answer based on the content you have on the website according to CHATGPT’s understanding .

How can chat help your business?

The chat bot will respond to all your potential customers without the need for an online representative that will cost you money to have full-time, the chat bot will work 24/7 and will know all the material of your business according to what is on the website. It is also possible to add more information that is not written on the website into the chat.

When a potential customer receives the information he is looking for easily, without having to wait for a representative, this will increase the chance of the potential customer purchasing/closing the service and he will become your official customer.

How will it look on my site?

Our chat is very professional and its design will be adjusted according to your brand, at the time of purchase you can send us a logo, colors and even a profile picture.

Is the chat bot suitable for websites with updated content?

Certainly, we undertake to update the content of the chat bot according to your website when you request, if it is a website that is updated with ads such as products or services at a rate that is daily/weekly, we can also do this but we will have to coordinate it in advance, you can leave details or contact us Contact on WhatsApp at 050-299-0007.

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