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Our new Artificial Intelligence (AI) chat goes far beyond ChatGPT, in fact it contains 5 more AI engines and has made chat capabilities more powerful, faster, more efficient and useful for any request you need – combining all the capabilities of AI in one chat.
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What is ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer)?

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence that works through an algorithm that learns and interprets text in a natural way similar to text that a person can write themselves. This unique tool has a wide range of uses and it can be said that until today there has not been an artificial intelligence that knows how to produce high level texts like ChatGPT produces. Beyond texts, this artificial intelligence knows how to produce a number of other things and is based on huge amounts of data and sources that allow it to learn and produce a humanly stylized response.

Чат Джіпіті українською мовою

The AI technology, which combines 6 high-quality engines, takes a leap forward and allows you to create and receive answers to questions and texts in English If until now you only had to query in English to get an accurate answer, with our combination you get more, easily and without the need for additional translation.

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What can be done with Chat GPT?

Artificial intelligence AI has already been used in recent years in all kinds of fields. Until recently, the use was less widespread for the reason that it still did not bring a working model at a very high level. A few months ago, the version of Chat GPT, an artificial intelligence developed by OpenAI – one of the world’s leading research organizations in the field of artificial intelligence – was released for the first time. This artificial intelligence has the ability to create texts similar to what a human produces. How does this unique tool work? Who can he help? Is it going to replace many of us and maybe even Google? And does he really give a quality answer?

Translate languages

Need a quality translation in a foreign language? Our AI engines will translate any text in any language for you.

Perform complicated calculations

Don’t break your head with complicated calculations. Our AI engines will help you easily calculate any exercise in less than a minute.

Plan a trip abroad

Pack your bags, because you’ll now plan this trip in less than a minute.

Write a resume

Looking for a new job, but don’t have a resume? The AI engines will write them for you and maximize your path to a job interview.

A little about me...
					def add(a, b):
    """Returns the sum of a and b"""
    return a + b

print(add(5, 3))  # Output: 8


Write code

No longer writing code alone, it’s time to move on to the AI engines that will make the task really simple.

Help with homework

Breaking your head over tedious homework and not understanding the material? With the AI engines you will get solutions as well as explanations.

Smart assistant

No more searching for task management software, let AI engines manage you.

Create images

The era of copyright is over! Let’s create your own images.


A revolutionary development by OpenAI

OpenAI is best known for developing the GPT series of language models, including the most advanced GPT model, which has the ability to generate humanoid text with a very high level of accuracy. These language models have a wide range of applications, including natural language processing, chatbots, and content creation.

So, in fact, Chat GPT is artificial intelligence that works through an algorithm that learns and interprets text in a natural way similar to the text that a person can write themselves. This unique tool has a wide range of uses and it can be said that until today there has not been an artificial intelligence that knows how to produce texts at a high level like Chat GPT produces. Beyond texts, this artificial intelligence knows how to produce a number of other things and is based on huge amounts of data and sources that allow it to learn and produce a humanly stylized response.

The chat is not called that for nothing. On the main page of the chat there is a typing line where you type your questions in English or Hebrew and the chatbot actually answers the question you asked. Correct wording of your question or request will result in accuracy in the bot’s answer.

From the experience of many people in the last months, the bot’s answers were amazing and of a very high level, especially in the English language. In the Hebrew language there is more to develop and work on and we believe that the OpenAI company has not yet said its last word on this version.

Chat GPT has a lot of advantages. This is a powerful tool that allows you to create high-quality text in less than a minute. The quick response makes it possible to improve the work processes of many people including programmers, content writers, business owners and even students.

The ChatGPT knows how to explain ideas and concepts, knows how to offer ideas for anything you ask it, knows how to write stories, scripts and also write lines of code for programmers. Also, it can respond to customers and many businesses can use it as fast and efficient customer service.

If until today when you wanted to find information on Google about various topics, you would search on several sites at the same time, then with the help of the chat you can get an answer in less than a minute.

It can be said that this virtual assistant shortens the working time of many people and many businesses.

Despite its many advantages, Chat GPT also has some disadvantages that you should be aware of. One of the most significant disadvantages is the incorrect biases in the generated text. Since the model is trained on text from different sources, it often speaks in the singular or plural at the same time. Also, there may be repeated words and in the translation from English to Hebrew also words or phrases that are not recognized in the Hebrew language.

Another and very significant disadvantage is the lack of creativity of the text. The text created by the chat is informative and does not contain any emotion, humor, etc. It can be good when you are only interested in information and less good when you are interested in marketing text.

Another drawback that users have found in the chat is errors in the information received. It is very important to read the generated text and check that the information is indeed correct. The reason for this is due to the fact that the chat is not connected to the Internet and therefore its answers are based only on the information available in it and not necessarily the latest information for the current year.

The chat can help different types of businesses. It can help in writing texts for website promotion, it can help in drafting emails and personal letters, it is a great tool for receiving new ideas, it knows how to give you a summary on almost any topic you ask it, it is an excellent tool for programmers in writing code and it can answer at the place of business for customers and even create Customer service automation for you.

Also, if until now business owners have had difficulty writing posts for social media or writing product descriptions, they can definitely use a chat that will do an excellent job in this area as well, with a few minor changes on your part.

In addition, it is also very effective in the world of work and you can use it to write resumes, cover letters to employers and letters of recommendation.

In fact, anything related to the text can be asked of him and he will answer. The more specific your questions are, the better your answer will be.

Крім того, якщо досі у власників бізнесу виникали труднощі з написанням постів для соціальних мереж або написанням описів товарів, вони дійсно можуть використовувати чат, який чудово впорається з цим завданням, з невеликими змінами з вашого боку.
Крім того, він також дуже ефективний у сфері праці, і можна використовувати його для написання резюме, супровідних листів роботодавцям та рекомендаційних листів.
Насправді у нього можна запитати все, що пов’язане з текстом, і він відповість. Чим конкретнішими будуть ваші питання, тим точніше чат даватиме вам відповідь.

As of today, the chat functions perfectly, but as we said, it has its limitations, so it will take a long time before it replaces many of us. What’s more, it’s an excellent tool to experiment with and optimize the work on a variety of levels.

In order for it to really help you and streamline your work, you must experiment with it routinely and change the wording of your question until you reach the precision you are looking for.

When the Chat GPT gained momentum, one of the user explanations was that it would replace Google. Meanwhile, Google hastened to release a version of artificial intelligence called BARD which it will integrate into its search engine. Will chat replace Google in the future? Time will tell, but there is no doubt that there is a strong competitor that is developing at record speed. In recent months, the OpenAI company has already managed to release version 4, which is paid for, and the many users report that it is much better than version 3.5, which stunned the world.

So the bottom line is yes. It is indeed an artificial intelligence that is different from anything we have known until now and it is definitely an excellent tool that you can have to help you get information or to optimize your work. If you haven’t tried it yet, now is the time to enter the chat and start asking it questions. From experience, you will probably be surprised by the level and even more surprised how fun and even addictive it is to chat with him. you have been warned!

And now really, if you haven’t tried yet, you can try this tool here for free and without complications.


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